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Congrats Eric Gustafson on NEW PSCA Wild Street Records! Wed, 20 Nov 2013 15:54:15 +0000 cheap generic celebrex

At the Super Street Car Nationals in Vegas Eric Gustafson set the new PSCA Wild Street Records with his blistering fast 4.56@157 pass!

Eric runs an LSX with a F1X blower and that thing is really moving out!

Congrats Eric!

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Congrats Eric Gustafson on a Great showing at the Super Street Car Nationals! Wed, 20 Nov 2013 04:35:57 +0000 What a great outing… super fast passes and a runner up finish!  Congrats on a great weekend Eric!

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Eric set the pace with his 4.60@156 in qualifying and then went on to lay down some great times!




By the end of the weekend Eric had set both ends of the PSCA Wild Street Records!

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NMCA/NMRA Drivers Carlyle, Lutz, Litz, Hines and Glidden Go Rounds at Kil-Kare’s Xtreme Outlaw Series Race Mon, 23 Sep 2013 03:53:16 +0000 cheap celebrex canada]]>
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Photos and words by Mary Lendzion

The stands and staging lanes were packed yesterday, Sept. 14, for the Xtreme Outlaw Series race at Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio, and the cars were set on kill for the highly anticipated Pro Mod class as well as the Limited 8.5, X275, Outlaw Limited Street, 7.50 and 6.50 classes. There also were bikes and brackets.

Several NMCA and NMRA drivers were in the mix, and when it was all said and done, NMCA driver Mark Carlyle had wheeled his way to the winner’s circle in Outlaw Limited Street in his IPS Motorsports designed and built independent rear suspension ’07 Corvette C6 Z06, which has under the hood a 427 cubic-inch Kurt Urban-built LS engine on a Dart billet block amped up on twin 88mm Garrett turbos. All of it is topped with All Pro heads and 106mm throttle body, and helping to put the power to the ground are an RPM Transmissions-built Turbo 400, ProTorque converter and suspension components from the Driveshaft Shop.

“We qualified third with a 4.80 and tried to turn it up more in the second qualifying session, but the track wasn’t ready for what we had in the tune-up, so we backed it down for the first round of eliminations,” said Carlyle, whose fan-favorite Atomic Fusion machine is tuned by PTP Racing’s Patrick Barnhill. “Through eliminations, we left the 4.70 tune-up in until the final, where we knew we needed a bit more. Patrick made some adjustments and told me if it hooks, it’s gone!”

Carlyle was assisted on race day by his always-ready-to-work-around-the-clock crew chief Tom Willing of IPS Motorsports — who is quick to point out how heavily the team relies on Barnhill’s tuning — as well as Brian Koepf, also of IPS Motorsports and Bob Williams of All Pro.

“We were really happy with how the car performed,” said Carlyle. “We never had it up on the Pro Jacks even once.”

Carlyle’s car, which recently spent time at IPS Motorsports and PK Race ‘N Rods for rebuild after a fire and will be featured across four pages in the December issue of Fastest Street Car, is sponsored by IPS Motorsports, Turbo by Garrett, All Pro, the Driveshaft Shop, TiAL Sport, Wiseco, Callies, T&D, Coughlin Cars, RacePak, Big Stuff 3, PTP Racing, Kurt Urban Performance, ATI, Reid Racing, Fragola, Dailey Engineering, Aeromotive, Holley, Moran Motorsports, First Impressions Collision, PK Race N Rods, RPM Transmissions and Debt Help.

Joining Carlyle under the weekend’s bright spotlight was NMCA driver Bill Lutz, who qualified in the second spot in Pro Mod is his Camaro — tuned by Barnhill as well as his son, Kenny Lutz — with a 4.09 and 193 mph. He bettered that with a 4.05 at 195.83 mph in the first round and put up an .048 to his opponent’s .079 in the second round but was forced to get off the throttle when his tires shook.

Ray Litz XeniaNMCA driver Ray Litz qualified in the third spot in X275 in his Camaro — assisted by Barnhill and Brian Wagner — with a 4.86 and 150 mph. He bettered that with a 4.83 and 151 mph in eliminations and went on to runner-up in the final after losing on a super-tight .006 margin.

HinesNMCA/NMRA driver Phil Hines, who qualified in the top spot in Outlaw Limited Street in his Mustang with a 4.79 and 160 mph — and who tunes his own car with an assist by Barnhill and his PTP Racing partner Jason Lee — went on to run a 4.57 and 166 mph in the first round, which he indicates are new records for fastest and quickest times in Outlaw Limited Street. He made it to the final, where he danced around the track a bit and runnered-up to Carlyle.

GliddenNMCA/NMRA driver Billy Glidden qualified in the top spot in Pro Mod with a super-fast 4.07 and 176 mph, but turned on the red-light in eliminations.

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